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MaxGXL Brief Overview

By: Dr. Corrine Allen

  • MaxGXL can be scientifically proven to work. You can take a BLOOD TEST and not only verify but quantify the rise in glutathione levels in every cell in your body in less than 30 minutes after taking the product.
  • Glutathione -- GSH -- is the master antioxidant of the body and is the body’s antioxidant of choice in all situations where an antioxidant is called for.
  • According to Dr. Keller, medical research has shown that all other antioxidants are used by your body to help with glutathione production or use.
  • Dr. Keller just finished a study with MaxGXL -- a double blind, placebo controlled, crossover study that proved that taking MaxGXL will increase the sustained levels of GSH in a healthy body by 292%.
  • The study also showed that people using MaxGXL were, as a group, Happier.
  • MaxGXL has been issued a Composition Patent and this is only the 15th or 16th time in the history of the US patent office that that has been done with a nutritional substance, and this is the only time that a nutritional product with a composition patent has been offered via network marketing.
  • Dr. Keller has said that in every named disease he has investigated, glutathione levels are always low.
  • Dr Keller also said that all diseases begin with inflammation.
    MaxGXL enables your body to do or have 4 things:

    a) It helps your body have more energy

    b) It helps your body have clean cells

    c) It enables your body to reduce inflammation

    d) It helps improve cell function
  • I ask every Doctor I talk to this question: can you name any disease or condition that is not made better by your body having
    1) more energy
    2) clean cells and
    3) the reduction of inflammation?
    The answer is always the same -- they can't think of any.
  • When we are young our body reuses the Glutathione it produces up to 9 times. As we age, we lose that capability. MaxGXL jumps starts that function. Your body will recirculate, rejuvenate and reuse the Glutathione that it produces -- making the process more efficient. No other product can make that claim much less prove it.
  • MaxGXL helps you sleep better among many other things.
  • MaxGXL helps detoxify your liver.
  • MaxGXL makes other nutrients in the body work better, so you need less because it raises the energy in the cell, of the ATP.
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MaxGXL® and Max WLX™ - The Maximizers

from MAXTODAY July 2008 Newsletter
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Are extra pounds slowing you down? Does dieting sometimes leave you physically and emotionally drained? Fortunately, Max International may have exactly what you are looking for. Imagine shedding those unwanted pounds without sacrificing energy or optimism. By harnessing the patented and clinically studied actions of MaxGXL (glutathione accelerator) and Max WLX (weight loss accelerator) your body will be supplied with the 1-2 punch needed to naturally increase fat loss, purify the cells and protect cellular energy.

MaxGXL Fights Inflammatory Cytokines That Also Promote Fat Storage

Dr. Robert H. Keller, the renowned scientist who developed MaxGXL, shared information about a study presented in San Francisco at the June meeting of the Endocrine Society. The study showed how a compound found in the spice turmeric caused a decrease in inflammation in liver and fatty tissue.

Dr. Keller noted that the study strengthens previous literature reporting that fat cells cause an immune response resulting in inflammatory cytokines, which he calls “the terrible triplet” of IL1, IL6 and TNF alpha. He said, “These cytokines have an anti-insulin effect and promote fat storage rather than utilization.

Cordyceps in MaxGXL is equally, if not more, effective than curcumin in reducing cellular inflammatory cytokine production and, as such works in tandem with Max WLX.”1

Fight Sluggishness

Carrying around extra weight drags you down. Because Max WLX works to restore sensitivity of an important fat-regulating hormone called leptin, your body will have what it needs to fight hunger and increase fat burning. Finally, your body will be working with you to achieve weight loss.

On the Max WLX portion of the Max website (www.maxgxl.com) you will find information on how Max WLX works to restore effectiveness to the communication system between adipocytes (fat cells) and the brain. By increasing your body’s ability to send and receive leptin signals, you will have the ability to consume less, feel satisfied and start burning fat.

How important is leptin signaling? A double-blind, placebo-controlled study at the University of Connecticut2 showed the effectiveness of Max WLX along with a reduced-calorie diet and an exercise program. The dieters in the Max WLX group lost 90 percent more body fat than the group that did not supplement with the Max WLX formula.

Overcoming “Dieters Slump”

Adding exercise to your schedule along with a modified food intake program can sometimes cause fatigue until your body adjusts. Fortunately, by supplementing with MaxGXL you can overcome this common slump. MaxGXL increases glutathione production which naturally optimizes energy production inside every cell by quenching free radicals and protecting cell quality.

Dr. Robert H. Keller said, “Glutathione allows each cell in your body to function maximally, meaning to produce the most energy it possibly can.”3

Fat: More than an Unpleasant Sight

Fat is more than just unpleasant to the eye. What can you find in fat cells besides stored fat? Something even more noxious is lurking inside—toxins. As you lose weight, toxins can be released into your body causing a lot of undue stress on your system, contributing to potential fatigue. What kind of toxins? Let’s start with organochlorines.

Certain harmful pesticides are called organochlorine compounds. They include the infamous DDT as well as pesticides chlordane, heptachlor and dichlor. One environmental website wrote: “Because of their chemical structure, organochlorines break down slowly, build up in fatty tissue and remain in our bodies for a long time.”4 A study of abdominal fat tissue samples from people in Greenland and southern Denmark showed significant levels of these organochlorine chemicals stored in fat tissues.5

Another study noted the presence of organochlorine compounds like DDE, PCBs and pentachlorobenzene in fish in Norway.6 The study discussed accumulation of such compounds through food chains into an organism’s fat. When researchers first started checking for toxins in humans, they looked at lipids or fats as in a Lancet article titled “Lipid profiles of dioxin-exposed workers.”7

The Need for Glutathione When Burning Stored Body Fat

So what happens when you start losing fat? Toxins are undoubtedly released into your body. Research about persistence of the drug PCP in adipose (fat) tissue discussed the possibility of “the release of large amounts of the drug from fat stores in situations involving food deprivation, marked weight loss or stress.”8 Losing weight might release a number of stored toxins from previous exposure to occupational or environmental chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs or pesticides.

You can be grateful to Max WLX for the fat loss. But now more than ever, you need MaxGXL for cellular detoxification. Glutathione is one of the principle components to neutralize and dispose of toxins.

An article in the March 2008 MaxToday newsletter (archived on the Max website under “Downloads”) discussed how glutathione binds to toxic heavy metals and transports them to the liver where even more glutathione resides, ready to finish the detox job and escort the metals out of the body.

Toxins trapped in adipose tissue (fat cells) can be “chaperoned” from the body if there are adequate stores of glutathione in the body.

The Power of Synergy

Who could better sum up the value of two Max products working together than MaxGXL creator, Dr. Robert H. Keller? He wrote,

“By clearing toxins, mitochondrial function would also be improved so MaxGXL and Max WLX would work in an additive, if not synergistic manner.”

If you are taking Max WLX, don’t forget to Maximize its effectiveness with MaxGXL!

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