Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Lease on Life!

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that bring the most joy. On Monday, my friend came over to drop her son off because I was going to babysit him. When she was unloading things out of her SUV and bringing them in the house, my dog, Teddi had jumped into her SUV!
Now that would not surprise some people because Teddi is a Black Lab and Labs are known to be energetic and eager to go places. However, Teddi is 14 years old! He has Hip Dysplasia, is deaf in both ears, could not sit at all, and could barely walk. Watching Teddi deteriorate over the years was one of the saddest things my family and I had gone through. Teddi has been a part of our family for years. My kids have grown up with him. Our family just would not be the same without Teddi.
I decided to give him the supplement I take, MaxGXL, hoping that it would at least alleviate some of his pain. I figured it was worth a try. After close to two months, its like Teddi is a completely different dog! He is running, jumping, fetching, swimming, going on walks, and playing with my kids. Even a small portion of his hearing is starting to come back.
It has always amazed me how our bodies regenerate and heal when we take care of them. I have always been an advocate of health and nutrition. Watching Teddi has caused even skeptical family members to take notice and believe. Its like Teddi has a new lease on life.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Introducing!! Max N-Fuze™

Max N-Fuze™ is an AWESOME and delicious liquid supplement that supports ATP (Energy) production and function within your cells!!

The third and newest product from Max International, represents a radical new approach to nutrient supplementation. This breakthrough, patent-pending product design represents the fusion of established science and forward-thinking nanotechnology to ensure your cells are receiving the nutrients they need to perform and communicate to their full potential.

Read More Here: http://www.maxgxl.com/pdf/nfuse.pdf

Go back to the person whom referred you to this blog and let them know what you think of this new, liquid fusion nutrient-dense supplement and he or she will be more than happy to answer your questions and help you get some so you can try it for yourself!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

MaxGXL Brief Overview

By: Dr. Corrine Allen

  • MaxGXL can be scientifically proven to work. You can take a BLOOD TEST and not only verify but quantify the rise in glutathione levels in every cell in your body in less than 30 minutes after taking the product.
  • Glutathione -- GSH -- is the master antioxidant of the body and is the body’s antioxidant of choice in all situations where an antioxidant is called for.
  • According to Dr. Keller, medical research has shown that all other antioxidants are used by your body to help with glutathione production or use.
  • Dr. Keller just finished a study with MaxGXL -- a double blind, placebo controlled, crossover study that proved that taking MaxGXL will increase the sustained levels of GSH in a healthy body by 292%.
  • The study also showed that people using MaxGXL were, as a group, Happier.
  • MaxGXL has been issued a Composition Patent and this is only the 15th or 16th time in the history of the US patent office that that has been done with a nutritional substance, and this is the only time that a nutritional product with a composition patent has been offered via network marketing.
  • Dr. Keller has said that in every named disease he has investigated, glutathione levels are always low.
  • Dr Keller also said that all diseases begin with inflammation.
    MaxGXL enables your body to do or have 4 things:

    a) It helps your body have more energy

    b) It helps your body have clean cells

    c) It enables your body to reduce inflammation

    d) It helps improve cell function
  • I ask every Doctor I talk to this question: can you name any disease or condition that is not made better by your body having
    1) more energy
    2) clean cells and
    3) the reduction of inflammation?
    The answer is always the same -- they can't think of any.
  • When we are young our body reuses the Glutathione it produces up to 9 times. As we age, we lose that capability. MaxGXL jumps starts that function. Your body will recirculate, rejuvenate and reuse the Glutathione that it produces -- making the process more efficient. No other product can make that claim much less prove it.
  • MaxGXL helps you sleep better among many other things.
  • MaxGXL helps detoxify your liver.
  • MaxGXL makes other nutrients in the body work better, so you need less because it raises the energy in the cell, of the ATP.
If you are ready to experience being healthier AND happier, contact the person whom referred you here! Their information is under the "About Us" section! Have a healthy day!

MaxGXL® and Max WLX™ - The Maximizers

from MAXTODAY July 2008 Newsletter
For all Max Newsletters click here: Max International Newsletters!

Are extra pounds slowing you down? Does dieting sometimes leave you physically and emotionally drained? Fortunately, Max International may have exactly what you are looking for. Imagine shedding those unwanted pounds without sacrificing energy or optimism. By harnessing the patented and clinically studied actions of MaxGXL (glutathione accelerator) and Max WLX (weight loss accelerator) your body will be supplied with the 1-2 punch needed to naturally increase fat loss, purify the cells and protect cellular energy.

MaxGXL Fights Inflammatory Cytokines That Also Promote Fat Storage

Dr. Robert H. Keller, the renowned scientist who developed MaxGXL, shared information about a study presented in San Francisco at the June meeting of the Endocrine Society. The study showed how a compound found in the spice turmeric caused a decrease in inflammation in liver and fatty tissue.

Dr. Keller noted that the study strengthens previous literature reporting that fat cells cause an immune response resulting in inflammatory cytokines, which he calls “the terrible triplet” of IL1, IL6 and TNF alpha. He said, “These cytokines have an anti-insulin effect and promote fat storage rather than utilization.

Cordyceps in MaxGXL is equally, if not more, effective than curcumin in reducing cellular inflammatory cytokine production and, as such works in tandem with Max WLX.”1

Fight Sluggishness

Carrying around extra weight drags you down. Because Max WLX works to restore sensitivity of an important fat-regulating hormone called leptin, your body will have what it needs to fight hunger and increase fat burning. Finally, your body will be working with you to achieve weight loss.

On the Max WLX portion of the Max website (www.maxgxl.com) you will find information on how Max WLX works to restore effectiveness to the communication system between adipocytes (fat cells) and the brain. By increasing your body’s ability to send and receive leptin signals, you will have the ability to consume less, feel satisfied and start burning fat.

How important is leptin signaling? A double-blind, placebo-controlled study at the University of Connecticut2 showed the effectiveness of Max WLX along with a reduced-calorie diet and an exercise program. The dieters in the Max WLX group lost 90 percent more body fat than the group that did not supplement with the Max WLX formula.

Overcoming “Dieters Slump”

Adding exercise to your schedule along with a modified food intake program can sometimes cause fatigue until your body adjusts. Fortunately, by supplementing with MaxGXL you can overcome this common slump. MaxGXL increases glutathione production which naturally optimizes energy production inside every cell by quenching free radicals and protecting cell quality.

Dr. Robert H. Keller said, “Glutathione allows each cell in your body to function maximally, meaning to produce the most energy it possibly can.”3

Fat: More than an Unpleasant Sight

Fat is more than just unpleasant to the eye. What can you find in fat cells besides stored fat? Something even more noxious is lurking inside—toxins. As you lose weight, toxins can be released into your body causing a lot of undue stress on your system, contributing to potential fatigue. What kind of toxins? Let’s start with organochlorines.

Certain harmful pesticides are called organochlorine compounds. They include the infamous DDT as well as pesticides chlordane, heptachlor and dichlor. One environmental website wrote: “Because of their chemical structure, organochlorines break down slowly, build up in fatty tissue and remain in our bodies for a long time.”4 A study of abdominal fat tissue samples from people in Greenland and southern Denmark showed significant levels of these organochlorine chemicals stored in fat tissues.5

Another study noted the presence of organochlorine compounds like DDE, PCBs and pentachlorobenzene in fish in Norway.6 The study discussed accumulation of such compounds through food chains into an organism’s fat. When researchers first started checking for toxins in humans, they looked at lipids or fats as in a Lancet article titled “Lipid profiles of dioxin-exposed workers.”7

The Need for Glutathione When Burning Stored Body Fat

So what happens when you start losing fat? Toxins are undoubtedly released into your body. Research about persistence of the drug PCP in adipose (fat) tissue discussed the possibility of “the release of large amounts of the drug from fat stores in situations involving food deprivation, marked weight loss or stress.”8 Losing weight might release a number of stored toxins from previous exposure to occupational or environmental chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs or pesticides.

You can be grateful to Max WLX for the fat loss. But now more than ever, you need MaxGXL for cellular detoxification. Glutathione is one of the principle components to neutralize and dispose of toxins.

An article in the March 2008 MaxToday newsletter (archived on the Max website under “Downloads”) discussed how glutathione binds to toxic heavy metals and transports them to the liver where even more glutathione resides, ready to finish the detox job and escort the metals out of the body.

Toxins trapped in adipose tissue (fat cells) can be “chaperoned” from the body if there are adequate stores of glutathione in the body.

The Power of Synergy

Who could better sum up the value of two Max products working together than MaxGXL creator, Dr. Robert H. Keller? He wrote,

“By clearing toxins, mitochondrial function would also be improved so MaxGXL and Max WLX would work in an additive, if not synergistic manner.”

If you are taking Max WLX, don’t forget to Maximize its effectiveness with MaxGXL!

1. Personal correspondence from Robert H. Keller, June 27, 2008.
2. Fragala MS, Kraemer WJ, et al., “Influences of a dietary supplement in combination with an exercise and diet regimen on adipocytokines and adiposity in women who are overweight,” Human Performance Laboratory, Department of Kinesiology, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.
3. Robert H. Keller, MD, October 6, 2007 Max International Conference Call.
4. http://www.chemicalbodyburden.org/cs_organochl.htm
5. Jensen GE, Clausen J, “Organochlorine compounds in adipose tissue of Greenlanders and southern Danes,” J Toxicol Environ Health. 1979 Jul;5(4):617-29.
6. Bjerk, JE, Brevik EM, “Organochlorine compounds in aquatic environments,” Arch Environ Contam Toxicol. 1980;9(6):743-50.
7. Crow KD, “Lipid profiles in dioxin-exposed workers,” Lancet. 1979 May 5;1(8123):982.
8. Misra AL, et al., “Persistence of phencyclidine (PCP) and metabolites in brain and adipose tissue and implications for long-lasting behavioural effects,” Res Commun Chem Pathol Pharmacol. 1979 Jun;24(3):431-45.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Why Glutathione? And Why Now?

Glutathione, (pronounced: gloota-thigh-own), is the most important antioxidant and protector of your cells and body.

Never more than today is this more important for you...why?

Let's look back a minute...what is the difference with someone born in 1939 versus someone born in 1989??? (Besides the obvious 50 years older....)

If you take a look at very old pictures of your grandparents and their families..how many obese people do you see?..How many spoke of being asthmatic?..allergic?...autistic?? Not many, believe me. They basically lived and worked until they dropped dead in the field... WHY??

In 1939, your family was still using ice in the refridgerator to cool food, all your food was grown locally..or in your own backyard, and ripened before picking..it was shipped for a maximum of a few hours...your meat came from the local butcher, hormones were not heard of....milk was raw and not homogenized and pasteurized and was full of nutrients..(you seldom heard of anyone allergic to it)...and the best one...NO PROCESSED FOOD OR FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS!!

There was no or next to no - Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Attacks, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Alzheimer's, Parkinsons, Asthma. The one major health problem was infection..so you'd think that with the advent of antibiotics..we should have had it made in the shade and by now be in almost perfect health, barring accidents.

Nope! Wrong! The health of the general public has never been worse!! In my opinion our food is the main factor..and we can't rely on it to keep us healthy anymore.

I mean how bizarre can it get when we see that on autopsy of young children after dying in fatal accidents...it is common to find plaquing of the arteries...a disease which should never be seen before the age of 45 year of age!!!

So the person born in 1989 is snookered from the get go...they have been fed for the most part in the average family some tons of sugar, chemicals, processed food, dead fruit and vegetables, chemical and hormone laced dairy products, hormone and preservative laden meats, high saturated fats mixed with sugar (THE death sentence of all time) and the list goes on...

Look around you..how many people do you know with allergies, diabetes, obsesity, heart problems, skin problems..even children...it seems very few are NOT on medication of some sort. It's just not right...

Intracellular Glutathione (GSH) status appears to be a sensitive indicator of the cells overall health, and its ability to resist toxic challenges. According to Dr. Boyd Haley of the University of Kentucky..."Autism...is ALL about the glutathione"

GSH (glutathione) is essential for the survival of all living organisms... meaning your ability to be alive!

*Glutathione is an antioxidant, immune booster and detoxifier, without it, your cells would disintegrate from unrestrained oxidation, your body would have little resistance to bacteria, viruses and cancer, and your liver would shrivel up from eventual accumulation of toxins.

Glutathione is not yet a common word... even doctors who have heard of the term may only have a vague idea of it. There was a time when only scientists had heard of cholesterol and vitamins, but today everyone knows about them.

Now it's glutathione's turn... in the last seven years, over 75,000 medical articles have been published about this substance.

Scientific understanding is gradually becoming common knowledge.
Each and every cell in the body is responsible for its own supply of glutathione, and must have the necessary raw materials to make it.

Glutathione is always in great demand and is rapidly consumed when we experience any sort of pressure, illness, stress, fatigue and even exercise.

Glutathione levels also diminish as we age and many diseases normally associated with aging have been linked to glutathione difficiency. By: Dr. Deborah Baker

To learn more on how to raise your own glutathione levels with a scientifically-proven, compositionally-patented(the strongest patent available), breakthrough product that provides your body with the necessary raw materials to make glutathione, please contact the person from "Our Team Max" whom sent you here. Their contact info. is under the "About Us" section. Thank You!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A healthy, vibrant, pain-free life is priceless!!

Hello! My name is Marisela Gutierrez and I am 53 years young! In March of 2008, my daughter, Mari, introduced me to MaxGXL!

During the 1st week of being on MaxGXL, I noticed increased energy. Before MaxGXL, I would get tired usually around 3 p.m. and I would want to go home and take a nap. That 3 p.m. sleepiness doesn't happen anymore. If I ever feel tired, I just take an extra pack of MaxGXL and it gives me calm "good" energy and focus so I can continue my day feeling good without yawning.

Before the Max, I would wake up in the morning with pain and numbness in my legs. It was difficult for me to get up. My mind was ready to go, but my legs were not. After the 2nd week on MaxGXL, I happily realized that it was no longer difficult for me to get up and go. I can now go up and down the stairs of my house with ease and without any pain at all!

In the past, during my daily morning walks with my husband, I would often experience cracking and pain in my knees during the walk. Now, I am thrilled to enjoy the walks with my husband without any pain at all, not even when walking uphill.

In March 2007, a year before I started taking MaxGXL, I had a hysterectomy. Since then I had been suffering from insomnia, hot flashes, and a scar from the surgery that would not heal. The scar was always red, itchy, and easily irritated. I noticed, about a month after I started taking the MaxGXL, that my scar seemed to be healing from the inside out. I am no longer needing to put ointments on my scar as it has since fully healed. I am sleeping much better without having to resort to sleeping aids. I haven't experienced not one hot flash since beginning on the MaxGXL.

I have not gotten sick once for the past 4 months ago, not even a cold or the flu. My nails are growing faster and thicker.

I am very thankful to God for this product and grateful that my daughter introduced me to MaxGXL. It has truly been a God-send! I will be taking MaxGXL for the rest of my life because my health and well-being are of utmost importance to me. I feel healthy and vibrant and alive! I can fully enjoy spending time with my three beautiful grandchildren and they can enjoy a very young and active grandmother who can keep up with them! It is priceless to live a life that is healthy, pain-free, drug-free, and active!

I look forward to hearing your own wonderful experiences on MaxGXL.

Here's to a long life with superb health,

Marisela Gutierrez

Friday, June 20, 2008

The Glutathione Story

Medical Discovery and Breakthrough

Formulated and Patented by World-Renowned Doctor

Modern research has shown that individuals who have low levels of Glutathione (GSH) are susceptible to chronic illness.
  • GSH is our body's master antioxidant, used to keep every cell clean, healthy and strong
  • 5,ooo times more effective than ingested vitamins C and E as antioxidants
  • First line of defense against infections, illness, and the diseases of aging
  • Independent research - 77,950 search results for Glutathione on PubMed.org
  • 100% GSH production in Healthy 20yr. old - Old research shows 10% loss per decade (loss per decade higher now due to increase of environmental toxins, food chemicals, and stress)
  • Gluthathione supplements do not survive the digestive system and are rendered useless

Benefits of Glutathione in the body:

  • Slows down the aging process
  • Dramatically raises energy levels
  • Detoxifies and improves liver function
  • Reduces the chances of developing cancer
  • Improves heart and lung function
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves mental functions and concentration
  • Improves athletic performance & recovery
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Dramatically increases "measurable" Intracellular Glutathione (GSH) up to 400% !!

Finally...a product has been developed by a Dr. Robert Keller (MD, MS, FACP) that causes the body to produce Glutathione and make it available to virtually every cell in the body - from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and every organ in between! This product is called MaxGXL.

MaxGXL has a Composition Patent (#6262019), is completely natural and is manufactured in an FDA approved facility in Salt Lake City.

Dr. Robert Keller, MD, MS, FACP

  • Named one of the world's 2,000 Outstanding Scientists of the 21st Century
  • Sits on the Board of Governers of the American Academy of HIV medicine
  • Serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of the National Hemophilia Federation
  • Named one of "America's Top Physicians" in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 in the fields of Internal Medicine, Immunology and Hematology

Search for "Glutathione Depletion" along with the name of your health concern at websites such as: www.google.com www.cdc.gov www.diabetes.org www.wikipedia.org

Please get with the person whom referred you here for for more information! You can find their contact info under the "About Us" section

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Need a reason to join us in Max? How about 18!

Time is of the essence. This message is very important and extremely urgent. You need to look over these 17 reasons with time and patience so you can fully grasp the UNBELIEVABLY ENORMOUS opportunity presented here!

(Last Updated March 16, 2009)

1.) MaxGXL
Our first product, MaxGXL, is the ONLY product in the world that is clinically proven to increase Glutathione (GSH) levels in every cell in the body up to 400%, as well as recycle the used glutathione that is stored in the liver. MaxGXL assists the cell increase its own production of glutathione from right inside the cell. GSH is the body's master antioxidant.

MaxGXL is Superior to Juices, Pills, Berries, Bark or Plants:

There are 2 way to repair Free Radical damage on the cellular level:

1.) Exogenous - Plant sourced Pills and Juices repair "SOME" free radical damage from the outside in by stimulating regeneration. or

2.) Endogenous (MaxGXL) - Created naturally within all the millions of cells and repairs "ALL" free radical damage from the inside out by initiating regeneration.

This is huge!!

For those who understand how Free Radicals "Steal" electrons from other cells...

- Vitamin E has......... 3 extra electrons to share
- Vitamin C has......... 5 extra electrons to share
- OPC's have.............. 250 extra electrons to share
- Glutathione has...... 1 million extra electrons to share

Our Body's Glutathione is the BEST of ALL Antioxidants MaxGXL Accelerates Glutathione Levels up to 400%

2.) MaxWLX
Our recently released 2nd product is an exciting Weight Loss Breakthrough supplement that, in clinical trials resulted in the average woman losing 22 lbs of fat and gained 1-1/2 lbs of muscle in 8 weeks. MaxWLX has been 7 years in the making!

The 'secret' is it works by reprogramming the signals coming from the fat cells (Leptin) and increases lean muscle mass (Adiponectin). It "re-trains" your body to burn fat. It has been proven to reduce Leptin levels, and increase Adiponectin levels. It works much quicker in conjunction with MaxGXL.

3.)Max N-Fuze
And Introducing: The third and newest product from Max International, Max N-Fuze, represents a radical new approach to nutrient supplementation.
Max N-Fuze
is all about effectively delivering the nutrients you need! This breakthrough, patent-pending product design represents the fusion of established science and forward-thinking nanotechnology to ensure your cells are receiving the nutrients they need to perform and communicate to their full potential. Max N-Fuze complements and increases the effectiveness of MaxGXL and MaxWLX. http://www.maxgxl.com/pdf/nfuse.pdf

4.) More Breakthrough products coming soon!

Such as a Life Extension Breakthrough product containing enzymes that, when given to mice, lengthen their life-span from 30-50%.

And how about a Skin Care Breakthrough product. Scientists at Clemson University have reduced glutathione to nano-size and when put into skin creme, results are visible in 90 seconds.

5.) Compositional Patent
There are two types of patents awarded to nutritional products. The U.S. Patent office awarded Dr. Keller a "Composition Patent" for his scientific discovery.

1. UTILITY PATENT - This patent allows for a competitor to change up to 30% of the formulation and still receive a patent on a similar product.

2. COMPOSITION PATENT - This patent does not allow anyone to change even one ingredient in an attempt to duplicate your product. This is the same patent that is usually reserved for pharmaceutical companies.

MaxGXL Patent # 6,262,019
MaxWLX Patent # 6,899,892

Max International will only introduce products that are unique, scientifically proven, compositional-patented breakthrough products!

6.) Dr. Robert Keller
Researcher, Scientist, Clinical Doctor, and Creator of the Compositional Patented breakthrough product, MaxGXL.

MaxGXL was formulated by a compassionate doctor and experienced scientist in order to provide a better quality of life for his patients. Dr. Robert Keller was voted one of America's top Physicians for the past 5 years and is on the Board of Governors of the American Academy of HIV Medicine, as well as being recognized as one of the top 2,000 scientists of the 21st century.

Dr. Keller treats people with Aids, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Auto-Immune disorders in his Florida clinic. In an efforts to help his patients, Dr. Keller created/formulated and has been using MaxGXL in his practice (and also in Africa) for over 10 years with much success.

Therefore, although Max International is only over 1 year old, the product, MaxGXL, has been undergoing clinical trials and testing for more than 10 years.

The owners of Max International have a credible track record of success and integrity:

7.) Steven K Scott (co-founder/co-owner)
Founder, Steve Scott, was the creator of the Television Infomercial business over 30 years ago. Steve has produced infomercials with over 91 Hollywood Movie Stars such as Chuck Norris (Total Gym), Richard Simmons (Sweatin' to the Oldies), John Tesh & Connie Sellica (Gary Smalley Marriage Enrichment Course) and many others. Steve also started 10 other businesses that all grew into multi-million dollar companies.

When Steve was asked to market MaxGXL, his original reaction was, "No, I do not promote products that go into the mouth". To make a long story short - when Steve saw the Scientific evidence that MaxGXL did, in fact, slow down the aging process and eliminate many age related diseases, he told his partners that he was going to retire from doing infomercials and spend the rest of his life marketing this Breakthrough product.

Steven K. Scott always credits his success to God and his mentor King Solomon from Proverbs in the Bible.

8.) Guthy-Renker (co-owners)
When Steve Scott realized the magnitude of this Breakthrough product, he asked his friends and competitors, Bill Guthy and Greg Renker to join him. Guthy-Renker had a team of Scientists and Doctors evaluate the product and, 2 weeks later, came back to them saying, "This is the real deal"... MaxGXL is scientifically PROVEN to slow down aging and eliminate many age related diseases. Guthy-Renker eagerly became part owners of Max International.

launched 20 years ago by Co-CEOs Bill Guthy and Greg Renker, Guthy-Renker is today one of the world's largest direct response television companies with sales of more than $1.5 Billion per year and an average annual growth rate of 25% over the last 10 years.

9.) Greg Fullerton (co-owner)
Those of you who have been in the sales industry are probably familiar with "Franklin Covey" (Franklin Planner). Greg Fullerton was the founder/creator of Franklin Quest which later merged with Steven Covey (7 Habits of Highly Successful People) to form Franklin Covey. Greg Fullerton has given his time management seminars to ALL 500 of the Fortune 500 Companies.

When Steve Scott introduced Greg to MaxGXL and when Greg saw how it was effecting the quality of people's lives, he jumped in with both feet and made a committment to spend the rest of his life building Max International.

10.) Leadership
Max International was founded by dedicated and successful entrepreneurs and executives who had a vision. After meeting with Dr. Keller and learning about MaxGXL they knew this was a product that everyone needs.

They also know the best way to help people get the benefits of MaxGXL is through Network Marketing. When you have a life changing product you want to get the word out and get it out fast. They knew this product didn’t belong on a shelf in a pharmacy. They also recognized Network Marketing allows individuals to change their lives financially.

Max leaders and founders have expertise in marketing, research and development, business management and much more, which is why Max is unbeatable. They know potential when they see it, and they know how to achieve success, making it no surprise that MaxGXL is the brightest rising star in new Network Marketing Industry.

Max International is dedicated to improving both the physical and financial lives of individuals all over the world. We accomplish this by providing products that are proven to be beneficial. With the Max business opportunity, Associates have lucrative compensation plans and Associate support that is unmatched.

Our goal is to provide our Associates "A Better Way of Life!"

11.) Financially-strong and stable
It is evident by the quality of Leadership recruited from these other companies and... the quality of the Max Marketing materials, that there is plenty of money behind this company. Once a month, on a set date each month, anyone can reserve to fly-in into the home office to spend two days with the founders, the co-founders, owners and top level management as they make themselves accessible to each and every person there. They share their heart and their dream, answer questions and invite their guests to join them in building a championship company.

You will meet and talk with Steven K. Scott as he answers ALL of your questions. Steven K. Scott produced infomercials for 30 years earning up to excess of $600,000 a month. And yet, Steve is such a humble man, openly giving Jesus Christ credit for every success he has ever accomplished in life and refuses to take any credit himself. http://www.stevenkscott.com

12.) Compensation Plan
The Max Compensation Plan
is a powerful and unique "Hybrid" of Binary combined with a Uni-level that has unlimited income potential. This combination is attracting many Legendary, Professional Network Marketers who are jumping on board NOW while the company is young.


Max pays you 25% on every sale of every customer who is not a sales rep. It costs ZERO to sign up as a Preferred Customer (just a $66 monthly auto-ship) and you get the product wholesale. One Doctor (Gynecologist), who has 200 of his patients on auto-ship, earns over $4,000/month from Max, just on customer orders. http://www.maxgxl.com/opportunity.php

13.) Trends
Max International and all of its products and marketing is right in line with current trends. Experiencing incredible growth and growing is the home-based business trend, wellness industry, Anti-Aging, Natural health, and alternative medicine.

Older generations, such as the baby boomers, are "reinventing retirement" as they seek income opportunities that offer not just income but also personal meaning and social impact. And, of course, they want to be able to do that work flexibly so that there’s plenty of time for family, travel and hobbies. Hmm, sounds like they fit perfectly with network marketing in general, and Max International specifically.

Younger generations, such as Gen-X, tend to be entrepreneurial and dislike the 9-5 routines. They like having time freedom and being in charge of their own destiny. They have seen the effects of the toxic environment on their own generation and are embracing more naturally healthy lifestyles.

14.) Economy
People looking for extra income or starting their own business with low start up costs; provides cushion for transition from corporate jobs.

Then with products like MaxGXL and MaxWLX people are getting more 'bang for their buck'. Illness and disease and feeling sick and tired are expensive issues to live with (in more ways than just financial). It is very much worth it to invest a little over $2 a day to not only experience extraordinary health, but prevent disease, which leads to expensive hospital visits, treatments, prescriptions, etc.

15.) Timing
The "Baby Boomers" generation (the generation born between 1946-1964), have literally defined entire industries as they've moved through life. In the late 40's through mid 60's, Gerber, Mattel, and all business catering to babies and young children exploded in growth. By the 70's and 80's it was Real Estate that was the industry to be in, as the Baby Boomers got married and bought their 1st homes. Baby Boomers now are spending trillions on age management and wellness products.

16.) Dr. John C. Nelson
Dr. John C. Nelson, the immediate past President of the American Medical Association, a man who was passionate about putting what he called "quack" products out of business when president of the AMA, said this about MaxGXL:

"This product, in my opinion, represents the single most important breakthrough in health that I will witness in my lifetime. I believe it will revolutionize, change, and transform the practice of medicine worldwide and make Dr. Robert Keller more famous than Jonas Salk who created the polio vaccine."

17.) Customer to Distributor Ratio
About 40% of our monthly business comes from Preferred Customers. Preferred Customers are purely wholesale customers and not distributors. This proves the company is Product-Driven.

This Is Unheard of in Our Industry! This is true in Max because the products really do what they say they will do! What a concept!

18.) Network Marketing has come of age!
Network Marketing has truly come of age. Are you aware that big corporations like AT&T, Gillette, IBM, AOL, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Citibank and many more have started working with Network Marketing in the last few years? Network is the only way to truly leverage your time, efforts, and money! It also has the potential to be the most Fair, Good, and Moral way to compensate people ever conceived! Watch "Brilliant Compensation" and see for yourself before this opportunity passes you by! Trust me, you WANT to see this short film!

You might also want to check out: http://www.ratrace101.com

They say that everyone has a chance to get involved in a life-changing, financially-rewarding opportunity twice in a lifetime! Has an opportunity already passed you by? Don't let that happen again! You DO NOT want to miss this! Make sure you have watched the "Brilliant Compensation" short film above and get back with the person from "Our Team Max" whom referred you here!

Remember! Timing is important, but, ACTION is everything!!

Children and MaxGXL

Hello Everyone,

I have been hearing more and more testimonials from parents giving the MaxGXL to their children for various reasons, such as, attention-deficit disorder, lack of focus, sports involvement, help with unhealthy food cravings, even autism, etc. In fact, studies have shown that autistic children have 50% LESS intracellular glutathione than children without autism. Remember, our children are also living in the same toxic environment that we are. Why is is that we allow our children to eat junk food, fast food, soda, and processed foods never really looking at the ingredients and assuming they are harmless and yet hesitate before giving them a highly nutrient-dense supplement like MaxGXL? Is it any wonder that conditions such as, childhood obesity and childhood diabetes are commonplace in this day and age? If you, as your child's parent, choose to provide your child with the nutrients found in MaxGXL, a good guideline would be 1 capsule for every 25 lbs. of weight.

I have been giving my daughter, Brianna, the MaxGXL, for about two months now. Brianna is 10 years old. She weighs about 80 lbs. We started her off with 1 capsule a day and worked it up to 3 capsules a day. She takes 3 MaxGXL capsules (1 packet) a day. Although we can split it 1, 1, and 1 througout the day, she usually takes all 3 capsules in the morning with her breakfast.

Here is what my daughter, Brianna, has to say in her own words:

"In the mornings, when I wake up, I wake up right away. Before, when I wasn't taking the MaxGXL, it took me awhile to wake up. My mom would have to keep waking me up.

At school, when I have to run laps, I don't get tired and I have lots of energy to finish the laps. I finish them quickly. Before, when I finished my laps, I was near the end and now, I am near the front. When I'm done, everybody's breathing hard, but I don't breathe that hard anymore.

Because of the MaxGXL, at school, I am able to focus and finish my work quickly. Before, when I wasn't taking the MaxGXL, I was sleepy in the mornings at school and I didn't focus as well as I do now.

I have also noticed that my hair grows really quick. I had just gotten a haircut a while ago and my hair has grown really fast.

And I do not really like to drink soda anymore. When I'm thirsty, I want water. When someone offers me soda I just feel like I don't want it anymore."

-Brianna, 10 years old

Fact: Our bodies produce 2 cancer cells a day!

Every Saturday Morning, Max International has a conference call! The 1st half of the call is product information (usually an interview with an MD) and the 2nd half of the call is training for max associates. Please join us on this call, especially for the 1st half. You will learn so much about protecting some of your most important assets--your body, your brain, your health! It is @ 9am pacific time every Saturday morning. The phone # is (218) 486-1414 and the passcode is 44055#

The 1st Saturday of Every month Dr. Robert H. Keller, creator of MaxGXL, is on the conference call.

On the 1st Saturday of June (June 7, 2008), Dr. Keller had quite alot of valuable information to give us. Dr. Robert H. Keller was interviewed by Dave Bagley, Max VP of Product Development.

Here are some highlights from that call:

Dr. Keller pointed out that research shows that our bodies create 2 cancer cells every single day due to the mutation effects of free radicals, oxidation, and inflammation.

The reason the incidence of diagnosed cancer is not higher is that our immune system has natural 'killer' cells that knock them out of our body… If our mitochondrial activity is not operating at an optimal level, these cells might not be eliminated. Glutathione is the body's natural primary cellular antioxidant that helps cleanse the 'junk' from mitochondria, allowing it to operate at peak performance.

Over the last decade, according to Dr. Keller, the research and medical field is coming to the conclusion of the important role of cellular inflammation as a root cause of all or most diseases.

We provide the nutrients that our cells need to do what they need to do. If these nutrients are not provided or our bodies are lacking of these vital nutrients then-----Inflammation develops-----Inflammation, in turn, leads to disease.

Then to make matters worse, in the world we live in, environmental toxins are impossible to avoid. That is why it is vital that our body's primary antioxidant (glutathione) be strong and plentiful. The problem is glutathione levels tend to diminish about 10-15% each decade and more so if we are in a diseased state.

Glutathione is the most critical and important antioxidant in the body.

Glutathione is critical for proper liver functioning. Think of it like this: The liver is the washing machine of the body and glutathione is the detergent!

Glutathione moves mercury and other heavy metals out of the body.

MaxGXL provides the precursors to accelerate the production of Glutathione inside every single cell within our entire bodies!

Low energy and lack of vitality is most often a result of sluggish cellular (mitochondrial) activity due to the accumulation of cellular ‘junk’ and inflammation.

As Dr. Keller said…

Spell Energy ---M-I-T-O-C-H-O-N-D-R-I-A

Spell Mitochondria ---G-L-U-T-A-T-H-I-O-N-E

So we can add: Spell Glutathione ---M-A-X-G-X-L

There are many, many wonderful high anti-oxidant products out there. And do you know what they do? They feed into the production, protection, and synthesis of glutathione. When it comes to all antioxidants in existence, there is NOT a single antioxidant more powerful than Glutathione. Glutathione is at the top off the ladder, the big kahuna, the top dog, the king of the jungle, if you will. Through MaxGXL we skipped all those other high anti-oxidants juices, pills, etc. that just feed into glutathione and we went straight to the source by raising and improving our glutathione levels! Amazing!!

MaxGXL verifiably raises our Glutathione levels 250% to over 400% over 3 months (and nothing else out there does this) … there is no stronger way to say it… If you want to take care of yourself in the best way possible and improve the quality of your life, you need to boost your Glutathione levels in the best way possible… with MaxGXL.

For More Info. please go to the "About Us" section and click on the name of the person whom referred you here so you may contact them and they may further assist you!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Introducing MaxWLX

A Breakthrough Patented Formula For Weight Loss!

Max International is releasing a new product called
MaxWXL (Weight Loss Xcelerator)

MaxWLX is a patented formula for weight loss proven to burn stored fat.

The formula has been developed in conjunction with several universities across the country.
There are no stimulants and it uses a natural appetite suppressant.
The 'secret' is it works by reprogramming the signals coming from the fat cells (Leptin) and increases lean muscle mass (Adiponectin).

It has been proven to reduce Leptin levels, and increase Adiponectin levels.

As a result test subjects achieved;

  • A Reduced Waist Circumference
  • Increased Weight Loss
  • Increased Fat Loss
  • Improved Body Fat Ratios

Additional statistics include;

  • 70% improvement in weight loss over placebo
  • 92% improvement in fat loss over placebo
  • 121% improvement in body fat ratio over placebo
  • 62% reduction in waist circumference over placebo
  • 7 years research and development at University of Minnesota
  • 2 patents for 29 structured function claims
  • Clinically tested, double blind placebo controlled testing at the Human Performance Lab of the University of Connecticut
  • All natural formulation, no stimulants
  • MaxWLX works even faster in conjunction with MaxGXL
  • MaxGXL and MaxWLX complement each other
If you are ready to order "MaxWLX: Your Guide to the New You" and lose the fat once and for all, please order through the website of the person whom referred you here.
(We want to make sure everyone gets the proper credit for their efforts.)
You may find the link to the website of the person whom referred you, as well, as their contact information under the "About Us" section and within their posts.
Thank you!!

My Max Experience!

Hello Everyone!

Wow! I am so excited we have our very own blog for our team to post all our MaxGXL experiences! I continue to be amazed as I hear how MaxGXL is changing lives in such profound ways!

I first began taking MaxGXL at the end of February 2008. The first two days--nothing!! But on the 3rd day I noticed a small increase of energy. It was not a wired energy like the kind you get from caffeine or those unhealthy energy drinks. It was more of a calm, stable, constant energy. I felt great! I learned that when you drink caffeine or other types of stimulant drinks you are forcing unnatural energy on your body, kind of like jump starting a car. In contrast, with the MaxGXL, you are giving your body the proper nutrients needed so your cells in turn take those nutrients and use them to increase glutathione production. When your cells start producing optimal levels of glutathione--Wow!! What a difference! You can feel this energy that comes from within your own body and not from some outside source. You realize that maybe, just maybe, this is the way we are all supposed to feel all along.

My restless sleep was gone in the 1st two weeks. I no longer had insomnia. When my head hit the pillow I would fall asleep much easier and I sleep more deeply. My dreams have become more vivid, more colorful! I wake up much more refreshed with energy. No coffee for me thank you, just pass the Max!

I am much more alert and focused throughout the day! I don't have those "brain fog" moments. There is more clarity and alertness in my thinking. Problems that in the past would leave me feeling overwhelmed no longer do. I am able to stay calmer in difficult situations. It really does help balance moods.

One of the most amazing changes I experienced was with a very painful problem I had with a heel spur on my right foot. If you have ever had one of those you know how very uncomfortable and extremely painful heel spurs are. At the end of every day, my right heel would hurt so much. Somedays, I could barely walk anymore at the end of the day. It would hurt so much I would literally almost have to hop on my left foot to not put pressure on my heel. It was so bad that people around me were telling me to just get the surgery done to remove the heel spur. I did not want to do that hearing the horror stories of intense pain from people who have had that surgery done. Besides, I feel there are alot of natural solutions people can do instead of resorting to drugs and surgery. I was looking for answers not realizing I would find it in the MaxGXL I had just begun taking. Starting around the 2nd-3rd week of taking the MaxGXL I realized that my heel pain was alot less. I could still feel it, but it was completely bearable. The real test came when I took my kids to California Adventure on March 25th on their Easter vacation. All day walking events like that in the past would have been torture for me. I would literally have to do rest stops just to be able to walk. At the end of the day I would be limping and mentally trying to shut out the pain with every step I took. I know that unless you have had a painful heel spur, you may not understand what I am talking about. Well, at the end of a day spent walking at California Adventure, I did feel alot of pain in my heel spur, but it was nothing compared to how it used to be. To top it all off, we actually had parked at a hotel outside the Disneyland Parks and had to do a 2 mile walk back to the car AFTER walking all over the park and doing the 2 mile walk to get there. I did it, with pain, I am not going to lie, but with a heck of alot less pain than it would have been just a few weeks earlier before MaxGXL. After being on the MaxGXL for two months my heel pain from a heel spur became a thing of the past. Goodbye surgery, hello long walks! I don't exactly know how it helped me, I just know that it did.

Then I had a injured left knee that would hurt on a regular basis and I am happy to report that my left knee pain is completely gone. My left knee injury seems to have healed as well. Then, there are other pluses, such as, my nails grow so fast and so thick. My hair is also growing really fast. I am having to get it trimmed more often (but I am not complaining!). I love how my skin is softer and has more of a glow--we do, after all, have tons of skin cells. And call me crazy, but I think my eyesight has improved. Maybe it is because the cells in my eyeballs are being fed!

It is mind-blowing how many changes we begin to see when our intracellular glutathione levels are where they should be. Like someone said, we do not realize we are functioning at a 5 out of 10 until we experience functioning at a 9 or 10 out of 10. It's like someone turned on the light inside our brains and bodies and things are working the way God intended. Needless to say, I will be taking MaxGXL for the rest of my life. MaxGXL is an anti-oxidant, anti-toxin, anti-inflammatory, and an anti-aging product. For a little over $2 bucks a day I am experiencing high energy, better sleep, increased memory, mental clarity and focus, and on and on. Plus I am helping protect my body from developing diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and many other degenerative diseases. It's like inexpensive yet highly effective insurance against disease. MaxGXL is preventative maintenance at its best.

Soon after I began taking MaxGXL, I couldn't help but share my excitement to those closest to me. Others approached me saying something like, "There is something different about you. You seem happier, more energetic. What are you doing?" So I shared and they themselves began trying MaxGXL and like I said at the beginning of this post, I continue to be amazed as I hear their experiences. But I will let them tell you themselves as they post their experiences here. Seeing what MaxGXL had done for me and others and learning about Dr. Keller and Max International, I decided to become a distributor of MaxGXL in March 2008. Sharing the endless benefits of MaxGXL is a passion of mine now. I love to hear the stories and see those around me get off the meds and live lives of good health and vibrancy. Those closest to me, know how I feel about harmful drugs and needless surgery.

I mean seriously, we have our beautiful and wise grandparents and parents suffering at increasing numbers with heart disease and alzheimers and taking handfuls of harmful drugs everyday! And our precious children developing autism and diabetes at epidemic proportions! Where and when does the insanity stop?!? Now, Max International, has a product with a potential solution. No joke! It would behoove you to not do some serious research. MaxGXL not only assists your body in healing, but it is a phenomenol preventative maintenance product! There is NOTHING else like it! It has a formulational patent--no one else has this or can have this! I am grateful to God that I learned about this product when I did and can now share it with those I care about and see their lives improve everyday. That is the real reward--that is my passion. The financial compensation, well, that is just the icing on the cake.

You can click here to learn more and order your own supply of MaxGXL!

Have a Blessed day!
Mari Gutierrez

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